The list of the best fake ID websites


There are so many fake ID websites on the internet, some are real while some are not real. This is why it is not good to be in a haste to buy a fake ID. In this article, we shall only examine the top best fake ID websites that are currently reigning in the world of a fake ID.

The top best fake ID websites


Some people prefer this site as the god of fake IDs, this is due to its durability and reliability over the space of time. This site offers the best premium scannable fake ID. Their IDs come at an affordable price. This site has special features for its IDs which makes them unique, it has a free duplicate and tracking number, not just that it can pass through scanning.

Any fake ID produced by IDGod can survive the backlight test. The method of payment on this site is secured and the identity of the buyer is safe because you can pay through bitcoins or western union on their website.

When it comes to ranking the best fake ID websites, there are higher chances that this fake ID website will come 2nd. This is because of the quality of their products. This site also engages in novelty items.

One of the unique things about this fake ID website is its quick response to customers’ complaints on their website. Within twenty-four (24) hours after they had received a complaint, they would definitely give a reply to it. Another interesting thing about this site is this; no other fake ID website can offer a big discount for group orders as much as kingforge does. Their IDs can also pass through scanners.


When it comes to the security of the reputation of a buyer, this fake ID website is the leading figure. You cannot just order a fake ID from this site without passing through some processes. If you want to buy a fake ID from this site, the first step you will take is to install tor browser bundle, after this, you will add their website link to the tor browser bundle. This is what will hide your identity.

All payments are done on their website and it can only be done via Bitcoin. This website gives an opportunity for customers to also make payment via Western Union if such a customer request for it. Full payment is compulsory on this website and within two weeks your fake ID will be sent to you.


Another amazing fake ID website is idchief, most people believe that their pricing system is complicated. The reason for the different pricing systems is because the price for orders within 24 hours is higher than an order that exceeds 24 hours. On the website, there is a fixed and limited number of orders which you can make per day and you are certain that within three (3) days it will be delivered.

  • Fakeyourdrank

In the category of best fake  ID website, this site also comes on the list. They are reliable and their prices are okay. They accept Western Union as a means of payment. Within two days after you have made a payment, you will fake ID will be shipped to you.